Monday, December 01, 2008

PR News 22

Medis Technologies, creator of liquid fuel cell technology, has selected Weber Shandwick for PR and IR services after a competitive search. The firm will conduct media outreach to reporters covering alternative energy and reach out to the Wall Street community, including analysts and potential investors. I've never heard of this PR company, but I hope they are ready to do research on liquid fuel cell technology. Sometimes I think that one of the hardest parts of PR will be relating to your client and understanding their product. When I read this, it also made me think of when Matt Wald from the New York Times came and spoke to us. He would be a good reporter to get in contact with and receive some coverage on alternative energy sources for this project.

PR News 21

Broadcast PR firm DS Simon Productions has introduced Financial Crisis PR Project Insurance, a program that allows clients to pull their PR programs at a percentage of the contract price should the stock market tumble further. The economy in its state right now is causing people to do so many weird things. I mean there is now insurance on PR programs if the stock market falls. Over thansgiving break, my mom gave our family the talk about how "the economy is failing so don't expect very much for christmas." This is a hard time to be in school and trying to make your way into the world. The PR profession is changing more and more each day, who knows if it's for the better. I'm just hoping that by the time I graduate, the sky hasn't fallen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PR News 20

Brazil's Department of Social Communication (SECOM) awarded CDN Comunicação and partner Fleishman-Hillard an approximately $8 million, one-year contract to promote Brazil as a financially stable, attractive location for foreign investment. Many other countries have been hiring PR firms as well. In the past Brazil has hired advertising agencies, but have now hired CDN as their PR firm to keep up with the competition. I love hearing news like this. It gets me so excited to do future work like this! Doing work in a foreign country would be so exciting. I think this just goes to show that everyone needs some PR now and then and that you can do such a variety of jobs.

PR News 19

Samsung is reviewing agencies to lead its global electronics division, according to several industry sources. The task involves working with the company's Korean corporate headquarters. Samsung is doing a lot of switching around these days. I have a close friend who's father is considering doing work in Korea for Samsung. He works in the engineering scheme of things. With in the next few months, he should find out if he gets the job. The cell phone industry is very competitive and people have a lot of options these days. Samsung needs something to set them apart from the rest of the industry. The next few years will make or break Samsung and whether they can compete in the market. The agency they choose has a lot of pressure and will need new, fresh ideas.

PR News 18

AOL launched a new Web site, “Nice One! Stories of Thanks & Giving,” to encourage users to donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Channels like AOL Shopping and AOL Parenting will feature gift donation suggestions or stories of parents' experiences at St. Jude. They are using every bit of their network to raise awareness. I think this is a very wise PR move, especially around the holidays. I often see commercials for St. Judes hosptial and am inspired to donate. With AOL giving its customers the option to donate while shopping on the web, this will be a great way to earn donations and raise awareness. I hope St. Jude's will benefit greatly from this move AOL has made. This is a really smart idea that many companies should definately keep in mind.

PR News 17

Chevron recently selected Ogilvy PR Worldwide to support its downstream business and marketing communications. Ogilvy will be tasked with “telling the story” of Chevron's brands in traditional and new media. I'm glad Chevron has decided to step up and make an effort to let people know who they are and why they should buy Chevron gas. I've personally NEVER been a fan of chevron. I don't feel like they are a clean or professional organization. All the Chevron gas stations I've ever been to are filthy and unprofessional. They are always a last option for me. I'm very interested to see what Ogilvy will do to reform their image.

Friday, November 21, 2008

PR News 16

Startup companies that engage in PR campaigns are 30% more successful in getting funding within one to three months than those that don't, according to results from a survey conducted by BIGfrontier Communications Group in Chicago. It's really exciting to hear that studies are being done on the effects of PR and that they are proving to be successful. It gives me hope that this career does make a difference and that what I will be doing the rest of my life has a purpose. One company representative made the comment, "When you're able to walk into a room and someone has heard of your company, that goes a lot further in terms of creating a sense of validation rather than walking into a room cold.” If more companies were able to realize that PR would only enhance their company, they would be mre successful.